2Films 2Curious
Where we watch two movies and the two of us are curious
1 year ago

The Suicide Squad and The Dirty Dozen

a discussion of suicide missions for a team of Baddies as a trope both old and new

2 years ago

2Films 2Curious Y3ar 3nd Wrap Up: Third Anniv3rsary

Bill and TDOG and this, our third y3ar in r3vi3w

2 years ago

The Lion King and Strange Brew

A 2Films 3Curious special about Hamlet but also about adaptations a bit again

2 years ago

White Christmas and The Holiday

a 2Films 3Curious Christmas Special Spectacular featuring 2Films 3Curious Alum Brenda!

2 years ago

The Silence of the Lambs and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

a 2Films 3Curious special about Serial killers and Ed Gein

2 years ago

Treasure Planet and Kumiko the Treasure Hunter

a 2Films 3Curious special featuring Co-Tagonist Chris where we talk about treasures lost and found

2 years ago

Moana and Princess Mononoke

A discussion about nature, the duty of leaders, badass women, and TDOG's birthday!

2 years ago

SPECIAL FEATURE: TDOG Birthday Bash!! (and Guardians of the Galaxy 2)

Some fun festivities for TDOGs Birthday and Guardians 2 on Whaddya Do, MCU?

2 years ago

Midsommar and Legally Blonde

a 2Films 4Curious special about MANY similar things

2 years ago

SPECIAL FEATURE: Doctor Curious (Films Strange?)

Bill and TDOG talk about Doctory, scientisty movies, strange movies, and Doctor Strange on Whaddya Do, MCU?