2Films 2Curious
Where we watch two movies and the two of us are curious
10 months ago

SPECIAL FEATURE: Captain America 3: Avengers 2.5: 2Civil 2War

Bill and TDOG talk War movies, Civil movies, and Captain America Civil War on "Whaddya Do, MCU?"

11 months ago

The Lego Movie and The Pagemaster

A discussion of imagination and childhood development (kind of)

1 year ago


Bill and TDOG are joined by the mother of all 2Curious, 2Films 3Curious alum Brenda! Plus, Ant Man on Whaddya Do, MCU?

1 year ago

The Prince of Egypt and Ben Hur

a discussion of biblical epics

1 year ago

SPECIAL FEATURE: 2Avengers: the 2Films of 2Curious

Bill and TDOG talk about superhero movies, DCEU vs MCU, and Avengers: Age of Ultron on Whaddya do, MCU?

1 year ago

Watership Down and Les Miserables

A discussion on atonement and self-sacrifice (and the first in our Live Action/Animated series)

1 year ago


Bill and TDOG's end of Year 2 countdown! Plus, Guardians of the Galaxy on Whaddya Do, MCU?

1 year ago

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Speed Racer

A discussion of live action adaptations of animated movies

1 year ago

SPECIAL FEATURE: Captain 2Films: The Winter 2Curious

Movies with protagonists that aren't good, Movies that surprised us, and Cap 2 on Whaddya Do, MCU?

1 year ago

Christmas Special! Scrooged and There Will Be Blood

A discussion on greed (and humanity) featuring a letter from 2Films 3Curious Alum Brenda!