2Films 2Curious
Where we watch two movies and the two of us are curious
5 months ago

SPECIAL FEATURE: ThorFilms ThorCurious

RETURN of the QUARANTINE LISTS and Thor on Whaddya Do, MCU?

6 months ago

Alien and The Royal Tenenbaums

A 2Films 3Curious special about uninvited guests! (Featuring INVITED guest Amanda!)

7 months ago

SPECIAL FEATURE: 2Iron 2Man (men?)

Iron Man 2 on WHADDYA DO, MCU?

7 months ago

Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back and The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

A discussion on middle parts of trilogies

8 months ago

SPECIAL FEATURE: The Incredible 2Curious

In which we talk about Hulk and other things

8 months ago

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Thor Ragnarok

A discussion on major tonal shifts in an established series

9 months ago

SPECIAL FEATURE: The 2Films in the Iron 2Curious

Brought to you SPECIFICALLY by 2Films 3Curious Alum Brenda

9 months ago

Ready Player One and Surrogates

A discussion of Working from Home

10 months ago

SPECIAL FEATURE: Curiosity in the Time of Coronavirus

Some great recommendations for movie watching while you self quarantine

10 months ago

Pacific Rim: Uprising and Terminator 2: Rise of the Machines

Our SEASON 2 PREMIERE where we talk about what makes a good sequel