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Where we watch two movies and the two of us are curious
7 months ago

Christmas Special! Scrooged and There Will Be Blood

A discussion on greed (and humanity) featuring a letter from 2Films 3Curious Alum Brenda!

8 months ago

SPECIAL FEATURE: Thor: 2Dark 2World

What's our favorite Christmas holiday movie and NON Christmas holiday movie? Plus Thor: The Dark World on Whaddya Do, MCU?

8 months ago

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story and Shaolin Soccer

A discussion about sports comedies

9 months ago

SPECIAL FEATURE: Iron Man 3: Tennessee Drift

Favorite documentaries and mockumentaries; plus Iron Man 3 on Whaddya Do, MCU?

9 months ago

Metallica: Through the Never and Repo! The Genetic Opera

A discussion about midnight movies, musicals, rock operas, and weird nonsense

10 months ago

SPECIAL FEATURE 2Films 2Curious's Marvel's The Avengers

Where we explore some spoopy movies and The Avengers on "Whaddya do, MCU?"

10 months ago

Ferris Bueller's Day Off and The Count of Monte Cristo

A discussion about revenge and worrying more about you and less about others

a year ago

SPECIAL FEATURE: Curious America: The Film Avenger

The DUNE Trailer is finally here! And Captain America 1 on WHADDYA DO, MCU?

a year ago

Blade Runner 2049 and Mad Max: Fury Road

A discussion about sequels that happened decades after the original

a year ago

SPECIAL FEATURE: ThorFilms ThorCurious

RETURN of the QUARANTINE LISTS and Thor on Whaddya Do, MCU?