2Films 2Curious
Where we watch two movies and the two of us are curious
6 months ago

SPECIAL FEATURE: Iron Man 3: Tennessee Drift

Favorite documentaries and mockumentaries; plus Iron Man 3 on Whaddya Do, MCU?

7 months ago

Metallica: Through the Never and Repo! The Genetic Opera

A discussion about midnight movies, musicals, rock operas, and weird nonsense

7 months ago

SPECIAL FEATURE 2Films 2Curious's Marvel's The Avengers

Where we explore some spoopy movies and The Avengers on "Whaddya do, MCU?"

8 months ago

Ferris Bueller's Day Off and The Count of Monte Cristo

A discussion about revenge and worrying more about you and less about others

8 months ago

SPECIAL FEATURE: Curious America: The Film Avenger

The DUNE Trailer is finally here! And Captain America 1 on WHADDYA DO, MCU?

9 months ago

Blade Runner 2049 and Mad Max: Fury Road

A discussion about sequels that happened decades after the original

9 months ago

SPECIAL FEATURE: ThorFilms ThorCurious

RETURN of the QUARANTINE LISTS and Thor on Whaddya Do, MCU?

10 months ago

Alien and The Royal Tenenbaums

A 2Films 3Curious special about uninvited guests! (Featuring INVITED guest Amanda!)

10 months ago

SPECIAL FEATURE: 2Iron 2Man (men?)

Iron Man 2 on WHADDYA DO, MCU?