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1 year ago

The Lion King and Strange Brew

A 2Films 3Curious special about Hamlet but also about adaptations a bit again

The Lion King and Strange Brew

a 2Films3Curious special featuring 2Films 3Curious alum The Other Bill

"Oh, Hamlet Hamlet Hamlet Hamlet! the Vampire Army has taken the city!" -Hamlet, Act 3

Billy S., as he was known to his friends; was nothing if not prolific. From Henry the IV to Henry the V; Shakespeare has written a button of crap. One that some people were forced to read in school is Hamlet.

The Lion King (1994) is Hamlet but with lions, and features Mandy from The West Wing and Darth Vader himself as Old Hamlet (I mean Mufasa). Strange Brew starts as some sort of weird Omega Man ripoff; but eventually becomes Hamlet in a Canadian brewery featuring Bob and Doug Mackenzie as the illustrious Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, as well as Max Von Sydow in a role that has no real analogue to the Hamlet story.

(editor's note - is Max Von Sydow Ophelia's dad? since he's the caretaker of Rosy La Rose; our storie's Ophelia? who's to say??)

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