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1 year ago

Watership Down and Les Miserables

A discussion on atonement and self-sacrifice (and the first in our Live Action/Animated series)

Watership Down and Les Miserables

We're back from our unintentionally long hiatus and are here to present our February episode on today; February 60th!

Animated vs live action? Musical or spoken drama? Fantasy worldbuilding or historical fiction? Many things about these movies are not the same, but it's safe to say that Hazel the rabbit and Jean Valjean the human bean are kindred souls. Watership Down is the story of a group of rebels who flee to paradise, liberating the oppressed along the way; but also they're all rabbits. Les Miserables or, as the French say, Les Mis, is the story of a decorated cop who chases a fugitive across idyllic 1800s France, except they're all singing.

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